Building material logistics

Delivery directly to the workplace.

From stones, wood, insulation material to containers, concrete elements and glass. We transport your building materials to the desired destination. Special crane vehicles and transportable forklifts ensure the direct material supply to your construction site. Our skilled staff loads, transports and unloads the goods exactly  where they are needed.

A large number of transportable forklifts, which can be attached to both the trailer and the motor vehicle, help to supply even the tightest construction projects with material.

If goods do not have to be parked at ground level, but in elevated locations, our trucks with loading cranes are used. Our trained employees position your load precisely with the crane. No extra driver has to be hired for unloading and no unloading personnel have to be organized.

Why us?

State-of-the-art IT, transport management and telematics systems allow us to increase efficiency for you.

Benefit from extensive interfaces and always keep track of the transport process of your goods through status reports.

With optimized processes, we react precisely to your transport needs and provide you with the required loading space within a very short time. This saves valuable time and offers planning security.

We love challenges. As experienced and trained experts, we develop the ideal transport solution for you.

Even with particularly demanding transport projects

No more waiting times. We process your request as quickly as possible.

Instead of annoying phone waiting times, direct contact persons will help you.

The long-term cooperation with our extensive partner network, paired with extensive in-house equipment, mean that we do not exceed our capacity limit even in seasonal fluctuations.

Transportable forklifts

Delivery free curbside.

Unloading with a truck-mounted forklift

Loading crane

Straight to the workplace.

Unloading with a loading crane

Die Königsklasse im nationalen wie internationalen Transportbereich ist die Teil- bzw. Sammelladung. Dank unserer diversifizierten Kundenstruktur und unseren Umschlagsanlagen ist dies die Stärke unseres Unternehmens. Täglich verbinden wir alle nationalen und europäischen Wirtschaftsregionen und ermöglichen somit kürzeste Laufzeiten für Teilpartien mit einem hohen Maß an Flexibilität.

Project logistics

Just-in-sequence delivery to construction sites.

Project logistics

Anlieferung von 15 LKW Baumaterial an Baustelle innerhalb des selben Tages?

Kein Problem für uns! Unsere Mitarbeiter sind mit den speziellen Anforderungen von Bauvorhaben bestens vertraut. Wir planen so, dass die bestellten Transporte exakt und zeitgerecht für die Entladung eingetaktet sind.

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